Last Day to RSVP for Luncheon!

Notice to all procrastinators: Today is the last day to RSVP for the luncheon we’re having on Thursday. This month it’s

All About Blogs: Marketing Books to the Blogosphere

Thursday, November 20th
12:30 to 2:30pm
Jillian’s @ the Metreon in San Francisco

Our panel will feature:

Jory Des Jardins, co-founder and President of Strategic Alliances for

Christine Young, from, and,

Amy Sherman,,

and they will discuss how publishing houses can work together with bloggers to get their message out successfully.

Food choices are

1. Grilled Salmon with Baby Greens
2. Grilled Vegetable Skewers with Baby Greens (vegetarian option)

All meals include dessert (assorted cookies and brownies – yay!), bread & butter, and soda, ice/hot tea, or coffee.

I like Jillian’s – the food is great. Of course you can always just pay at the door, but then you might not get fed! Definitely try to go if you can – it seems like blogs are popping up at the same rate as newspapers are folding (ok, maybe a little bit faster). As a publicist I’ve had some great success pitching books to bloggers – they love hearing from you, but can also see through anything too obvious. My best approach has been to be upfront and say “hey, I love the blog, I’m a publicist and think you’ll like this book.”

Who doesn’t want a free book??