Party Tips for Bookworms


Considering that the holiday party season is as good as upon us (screw the economy, lets party!), it’s useful to review some basic networking skills. Going to parties where nobody talks to each other is a waste of time. Therefore, remember these points at your next networking event:


Memorize names. Sure those name tags are handy, but they sure are ugly. And it’s rude to stare at a woman’s chest. So remember these three things:

  • Pay attention when they say their name. So simple and yet often not done.
  • Repeat the person’s name when you get introduced. Repeat it a few more times during the conversation.
  • Associate the name with the person in one way or another.

Bring business cards. Keep them in your left pocket. That way you can slide it in after you shake hands.


Don’t get drunk. Actually, do. But responsibly (that means, take public transportation home).


Mingle! Don’t stay with your colleagues the entire time. It’s boring, and contradicts the whole point of going to a networking event. Make it a point to meet at least three new people. Five if you’re ambitious.


Talk about books. You’re not going to find this kind of nerdiness anywhere else.


Talk about other things. Assuming you have outside interests.


Go to the after-party. If there is one. There usually is.


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