Luncheon Learn: Blogs

Meredith Stanton over at Jossey-Bass sent these points she took down at the most recent NCBPMA luncheon:

Some Facts about Blogs:

·         36.2 million people participate in blogs

·         15 million bloggers are women with a median age of 30  

The 3 main reasons people choose to blog are:

·         Looking for a community

·         They left the workplace and blogging keeps them professionally active

·         Pure sanity

People are finding blogs as a more credible source to make purchase decisions

·         95% of top newspapers have blogs

·         4 out of 5 top entertainment sites are blogs

·         The average annual revenue for a blogger is $6k. Most people blog for personal satisfaction and to join a community

·         90% of bloggers post about brands

·         1/3 of bloggers receive free products (i.e. music, books, videos)

·         Blogging sometimes gives the blogger more opportunities (i.e book deals, etc.) outside of their blogs


The Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching to Bloggers:



Know the person and their blog

Make the pitches relevant

Check review policy of blogger

Mention a blog post in your pitch

Keep your pitch simple and brief

Include links to press releases or Amazon

Offer a review copy

Leave comments on their blog

Consider all coverage a win – even product mentions

Be generous with content – bloggers want something to show

Be personal; no mass pitches



Don’t ask the blogger to promote a book without sending a review copy first

Don’t send a stack of news clips without asking

Don’t hassle with follow ups

Realize that the blogger has a day job (limited time)

If you have anything you’d like to add, comment away in the comment section!


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