Secret Santa

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I know the decorations have been up since Halloween, but now that it’s December it’s all official. So what if we don’t have expense accounts, we also have things to look forward to! Yes! Go shopping

The NCBPMA Holiday party is this week and I can’t wait to meet the superstars that are attending – Kathi Kamen Goldmark from West Coast Live, Al Saracevic from SF Chronicle, and Max Sindell from We’ll be taking pictures, so look your best!

Of course, there’s always the question of what to get your co-workers for the holidays. I’ve decided to make a big batch of Peppermint Bark, and give everyone a little treat before I head out to New York for two weeks. We are also doing Secret Santa within the publicity department, and this year I made sure I won’t get another picture frame or smelly candle.

If you’re looking for some holiday magic, HTML GIANT is doing a Secret Santa of their own. Support your independent booksellers/writers/publishers/etc. Books make great gifts!