New Years Resolutions

Welcome back to the publishing world, and five-day work weeks! After a rocky couple of months in the industry, we’re finally making national headlines, but everything will be ok! Because we have New Years resolutions to look forward to and they include:

– Meet more people in the publishing industry. This will be ever-so-easy as the NCBPMA will present to you Publishing Palooza! …but more on that later

– Read important newsletters, like the monthly NCBPMA newsletter – Monthly Muse. We’re going to revamp it on all fronts, and if you want to contribute, contact us. Especially if you have an idea for a cool name.

– Become more familiar with the changing media landscape. We have some outstanding panels coming up. More on that later, too.

While it’s important to look back and learn from things, it’s important to not let the past dictate the future. It isn’t over yet!