Book Buddies — Weekly Events

In case you have some extra time on your hands this week, check out the following readings in the city…and remember, the full book reading experience is to buy the book, listen to the author read from it, and have him or her sign it afterwards!

Booksmith: Tuesday, February 10 — 7:30 pm

Sharon Doubiago, Love on the Streets: Selected and New Poems

sharon-doubiago “Sharon Doubiago is a prolific poet who knows herself intimately and is deeply committed to her craft. On her latest collection, Love on the Streets: Selected and New Poems, she confidently states “the new poems just keep coming.” Love on the Streets features selections from four of Doubiago’s books of poetry, two of which are book length poems (a style for which she is noted), Hard Country and South America Mi Hija.”

Book Passage (Corte Madera): Wednesday, February 11 — 7 pm

Jimmy Carter, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land

jimmyPresident Jimmy Carter stops by to sign copies of his new book We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land. In this new work, Carter describes his lifelong personal and political commitment to Israel and the Holy Land. He describes his efforts both as President and as head of the Carter Center to find a peaceful outcome between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries.

Modern Times: Thursday, February 12 — 7:30 pm

Sandy Florian, The Tree of No

Robert Oventile, Impossible Reading: Idolatry and Diversity in Literature

ev02-12a-09_bg1 “Florian’s experimental novel riffs on Biblical stories from Genesis to Revelations to trace the career of an Eve who ventures forth from Eden to pursue meditations on imagination, quirky civic projects, and an odd love affair. Oventile’s study explores the impact of Biblical notions of idolatry on the treatment of diversity in literary works including Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick and Alfredo Véa’s Gods Go Begging.”


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