Tweet This! Tweet-A-Thon Raises Money for Charity

Joel Comm knows how to use Twitter. But he also knows how to use Twitter for good.

Twitter PowerThe author of the upcoming Wiley title Twitter Power is hosting the first-ever Tweet-a-thon.

That’s right. Welcome to the 21st century.

The way I understand it (and disclaimer — I am Joel’s publicist), he and his partner Dan Nickerson will be hosting a 12 hour charity event on on February 19 with celebrity guests appearing throughout the show.

Micro-celebrities, defined by the number of Twitter followers. MC Hammer is one of them. So is Peter Shankman. And Chris Brogan.

But the really cool think is that the Tweet-a-thon will leverage the power of Twitter to raise money for 

Joel will donate his author royalties for every copy of his book, Twitter Power, sold on February 19.   

If you ever wanted to know what Twitter is all about and how to use it, this book is it. And the show is going to be fabulous, because Joel has promised me flying monkeys. 

Joel is the inventor of the most famous iPhone application, by the way. Google it.