Back from BEA!

Wanted to write a quick post now that the BEA hoopla is over. It was a great convention, even if attendance was down by about 11% from 2007 (up 30% from last year in LA but then again, very few East Coast folks make it out to LA in the first place for various reasons).

Publishers Weekly has a great roundup of the various reports on BEA.

You can also go to and look for #BEA09 to find out what your colleagues were saying.

Personally, the most impressive thing I saw was the Espresso 2.0 machine in action. I wasn’t there when Book: The Sequel was published on Saturday, but Wiley did give away books that were literally hot off the press.

Our BEA Tea went off incredibly well, and we’re very grateful to have been able to host it at the NYCIP. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery the night before, and I forgot to bring the charger. Smart cookie I am, I know.

We’ll have a full report of everything in the June Monthly Muse. If anyone has something to report please email Cynthia Shannon,, and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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