Holiday Party Pictures

Dom Sagolla, Author of "140 Characters"

Dom Sagolla, author of 140 Characters, holding The Next Big Thing in technology

The lovely interns from Berrett-Kohler kept wine pouring!

Marina Cook, NCBPMA President, all smiles.

Calvin Crosby from Books Inc in Oakland made it all the way into the city for the festivities.

The dudes from Flatmancrooked Publishing, before they spotted the bar.

Karla Zens, Sandro Tuzzo, and Matt Stewart. Two of these people are married to each other.

Scott Lettieri, KGO Radio Host, and his girlfriend Rachael

Janet del Mundo, Children’s Book Press, and Bridget Kinsella, Publishers Weekly

Paul Herman, author of the soon-to-be best-sellerĀ The HIP Investor

Nicole Harvey, Idit Agam; Asian Art Museum.

The ridiculously good-looking people of Flatmancrooked and Karma Bennett, Ulysses Press

Bonnie Hulkower and Karma, talking about the joys of karaoke.

Bonnie and Cynthia Shannon, Wiley/Jossey-Bass.

That’s all folks!


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