Help Us Name Our Twitter Account

Dear members and friends of the NCBPMA community,

It’s time. The dawn of a new era. Lately we have asked ourselves, how can we consider NCBPMA a legitimate organization representing leading-edge PR and marketing professionals (and others) if we don’t take the obvious next step…launching and cultivating our Twitter presence?

To assist in this effort – and because of your great charm, creativity and influence – you have been selected to help us choose our official new Twitter name! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. The only catch? The simplest account name, “@NCBPMA”, is not available.

But we’ve made it super easy for you, by listing in a short survey several names we already kinda like. We value your responses and feedback, and heck, who doesn’t love filling out a multiple choice questionnaire? Seriously. Only 8 questions! And when you’re done, you can say, “I helped launch NCBPMA into the Twittersphere!”

Here’s where the fun begins. Ready? Get to clicking!:

Yes, you may pass this survey link to your equally inspired and impressive colleagues. But remember, we’re tallying up the responses and sealing the envelope on JANUARY 31 at 5pm.

We’ll announce the winning Twitter name in The Monday Muse on February 1.

Thanks so much for your help!


Fan us on Facebook.

On Twitter. Name to be revealed in the Monday Muse 2/1/10! (thanks to YOU)


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