Drumroll please….

Dear Friends and Members of NCBPMA,

Big news to announce today (drumroll please)! Our official new Twitter name is….


You can start following immediately right here: http://twitter.com/NCBPMAtweets

This winning name received 41.9% of the vote from the people who took our online survey last week; 2nd place was @BayBookPros (34.9%) and 3rd place was @BayBookPubs (32.6%)

Here are the top-ranking results of the additional Twitter-related survey questions (we were surprised by some of the them):

My company and I are both on Twitter 63.6%

Do you consider yourself/your company an active Tweeter?
No 48.8% (Yes 30.2%)

Do you plan to Follow the NCBPMA Twitter when we launch it in February?
Yes 48.8% (Maybe 37.2%, No 14%)

Are you aware of Twitter hashtags, their purpose, and how to use them?
Yes 44.2% (Sort of & No 27.9% each)

Should we link our Twitter to our Facebook page?
Yes 71.4% (26% were not aware of our Facebook group until this survey)

My anonymous, personal feelings about Twitter:
I like Twitter, don’t always have the time/patience to Follow or Tweet 45.5%
(I wish I understood it better 17.5%; I hate Twitter and think it’s a fad/waste of time 17.5%)

Thank you to the 43 people who participated in the survey, and especially to the 9 people who added personal comments all of which were taken into consideration.

Personally, I love surveys and find them fun as well as valuable for feedback and communication. I got hooked on taking surveys in my 20s (while reading Cosmo-guilty) and and I still enjoy them (but now I do them in More and O magazines instead).

So I have one final question:
__ I love surveys and would like to receive them periodically from NCBPMA
__ I like surveys but participate only if I’m interested in the subject
__ I have an idea for a future survey, please contact me!
__ I loathe surveys and won’t participate in any future ones

Please email your response to ncbpma@ncbpma.org, or better yet, why not Tweet them to us using our hashtag #ncbpma?

Thanks again, and happy February–

Adrienne Biggs, VP, NCBPMA 2010


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