Berrett-Koehler is one of the few small publishers to premiere in the iBookstore at the iPad launch

By Katie Sheehan

Last week Berrett-Koehler Publishers announced its partnership with Apple Computers and the inclusion of 16 titles in the iBookstore. Berrett-Koehler (BK) publishes books and ebooks in the genres of business, current affairs, and personal growth, and is one of the few smaller independent book publishers chosen to provide eBooks in the iBookstore at the iPad launch.

Berrett-Koehler is aggressively moving into the realm of digital content development and distribution. The partnership with Apple further emphasizes its comittment to readers by providing digital content on as many platforms as possible. Johanna Vondeling, VP of Editorial and Digital, comments about the partnership:

Berrett-Koehler is committed to providing our authors’ content to readers in as many formats as possible; we believe that more customer choice is always better. For these reasons, we’re delighted to be partnering with Apple to distribute our authors’ content through the iBookstore.  The iPad’s innovative design and engineering marks a great step forward in the e-reading experience, and Apple should be applauded for their accomplishments in advancing opportunities for readers, authors, and publishers alike.  We’re thrilled to be among the first publishers to launch with the iBookstore, and we’re thankful to Apple for their energy and flexibility in working with an independent publisher.

Publishing is changing at its foundation, in response to the dramatic growth in customer desire for learning and implementing new ideas with the help of integrated text, images, audio, video, and “action oriented” interactive exercises.  Coupled with opportunities to engage in virtual communities with other “readers” of the same digital content, these developments make us very optimistic for the future of the industry.

Thanks to the help of tools like Apple’s iPad, we look forward to supporting the development of new and transformational relationships among those consuming our content, which we believe will ultimately lead to deeper and more meaningful collaboration in our collective efforts to create a world that works for all. For more information about BK and its authors visit the website at


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