Book review: Social Media 101:Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online, by Chris Brogan

By@SheeKat (to find out who wrote this review you will have to follow me on Twitter)

Chris BroganAs an “old school” book publicist trying to figure out new technology and it’s multiple uses in today’s book marketing milieu, I found this book helpful and informative. Author Chris Brogan, blogger, social media expert, and marketing guru, has put together a collection of his most informative blogs that outline the philosophy behind social media, why it’s important, and innumerable helpful tips and tactics for improving the reader’s social media presence and effectiveness.

As with all new technology, social media is no different – it is best to try it out first, play around with it, make a lot of mistakes, and THEN turn to a good “How To” book for expert advice. If you read this book before you’ve even signed up for Twitter or Facebook you might pull your hair out and give up.

The book appears long because of its small format, but really it is a breeze to read. I must admit that I did not read it from beginning to end in a linear fashion. I read it in bits and pieces that seemed relevant to me as a book marketer and publicist. I skipped around and found the most relevant sections for me personally. The following “chunks” of content (because of course “chunking” content is the way of the future) that helped me most include:

50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice
•    Set a schedule for yourself and be consistent
•    Comment, comment, comment

Five Starter Moves: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
•    LinkedIn is an easy and safe place to start. Start there!
•    Join groups on Facebook

50 Ways Marketers Can Use Social Media to Improve their Marketing
•    Learn all you can about how NOT to pitch bloggers. Excellent resource, Susan Getgood.
•    Don’t throw out text, but add video.

What I Want PR and Marketing Professionals to Know
•    On social platforms like Twitter and Facebook-be human first
•    Putting up commercials on YouTube isn’t video blogging

I highly recommend this book if you are at the beginning of your social media journey. If you’re not then it will be too simple. I also recommend checking out Chris’ website and and join his 178,000+ followers on Twitter @ChrisBrogan. He is an amazing fountain of interesting useful information.


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