12×24…Jeremy Sullivan

Jeremy Sullivan, Sales & Marketing Associate at Berrett-Koehler Publishers, is WAY more than just an employee.

Jeremy SullivanJeremy is a post-modern renaissance man with a bevy of interests that range from literature and songwriting, to African Drumming, and the band Sleater-Kinney. Growing up in sunny San Diego, the land of cool ocean breezes and swaying palm trees, didn’t deter him from attending the hallowed halls of UC Berkeley. Graduating with a degree in English Literature led Jeremy to a brief stint at Ten Speed Press and then on to his current position at Berrett-Koehler.

Jeremy is not content with one career however, so he squeezes his second job into evenings and weekends at musical Bay Area gems like The Hemlock, The Bottom of the Hill, Thee Parkside, and The Uptown, with his band, MakeMe. The band is influenced by the female vocals of Sleater-Kinney (provided by his girlfriend, lead-singer and bassist), the “well thought out rock guitar and drum work” of Smashing Pumpkins, and the “modern guitar tones, mid-upper tempos, and contemporary lyrics” of Bloc Party.

Download four FREE songs from the band’s website www.makememakeyou.com and check out their upcoming national tour destinations.

Their new album in retro white vinyl, classic cd, and digital download will be available on their website and elsewhere in May.

When asked how his two careers syncopate he replies, “Working at Berrett-Koehler will, I think, be the turning point our band’s success, if it’s okay to overstate a bit. I didn’t really understand all the work and planning that went into launching a product, what its lifespan is like, and how to do it when I first got here. Now I understand the basics, as far as the four P’s: Product, Pricing, Placement, and Promotion…” he grins, then continues. “I understand what really makes a marketing campaign work. You have to be driven, organized, and do a lot of different stuff really well. You can’t get by just being a good networker, if you’re not organized. You can’t just have a website for your product if no one knows about the site. You won’t sound good no matter how good you’re playing unless the gear is functional. It’s like good lasagna: It takes just a little bit of a lot of good ingredients to make it work.”

“Ultimately, I’ve learned that people are the real fuel for any marketing campaign. You need to know the right people, connect with and be as authentic as you can with as many people as possible, show them that you are selling something or providing something that you really believe in and that is of some real value, and they will respond.” Going on the road in May will be the realization of his first real childhood dream. “I’m still hoping it all comes together, and believe it will. I really wouldn’t have ¼ of the skills (or any of the money!) I am applying to promoting this record without the position I have at Berrett-Koehler.”